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You are gorgeous.

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Amazing Shan :’)

Thanks Silly Bean!! Love you!! Miss you!! :’D

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Dear Shan, I LOVE you. You have a nice everything. You make me a better person. You should come to my place someday. Someday I will meet you. You + me = VBBFs. If I saw you now I’d start running to give you a big hug. I want to hug you. I would build a monument just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be Headlines (Friendship Never Ends by the Spice Girls). We could talk for hours under the stars. Love, Sil ( P.S. I love that you're learning Spanish )

My wife is killing us!!!

Stop her Kev. She is a threat to the Tumblr society.

Oh Silly Bean!!!!

I love you, but you need to stop. There will be no one left in the fandom if you keep this up.

i ship you and kev omg

BROTP. Silly Bean would kill me. ;)

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You know what, it's like Sil and Kev are our parent's, Sil works and comes home with treats for us, and Kev stays home to entertain us all. You're the Aunt everyone looks forward to seeing because you're so nice you make all of us feel like your favourite niece ( i say niece because I only know of one guy we all know in the xf fandom and he's our father). And Michele is the Aunt who brings the presents we've been waiting for.